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Preparing our students for the fast growing world with technology


Crowding is not an issue at Manjimup Primary School.  We have an on-going plan to improve the play spaces for all of our students, through providing unique and stimulating playground facilities.

We are fortunate to provide our primary students with their own large grassed oval area, providing ample space for all to play multiple games and burn some energy at any given time.

Basketball and tennis courts are a big hit with the students.

For those rainy days there are large undercover play areas, providing students with games and recreational activities for all ages.

We have recently completed our Nature Play playground, encouraging students to be active, creative and imaginative through an engaging environment of natural products and materials.

In total, we currently have four playground areas that allow children to develop fundamental movement skills and have fun with eachother during recess and lunch breaks.  With a fifth playground recently completed in 2018.